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A sub-section of Pingzic is about WhatsApp status and you can find status on all topics in this section and also, you can directly copy and paste those statuses in your WhatsApp web panel.

We’ve a good team dedicated to technology 24/7 and they just love to share technology related guides on a daily basis.

Our Team:

CEO: Hammad Rafique: A Passionate Blogger, SEO analyst and author at Techinasia, Techzend, Blogher and evancarmichael.com

Editor: Riya Bajaj: A blogger and entrepreneur and working on Online projects since 2012.

Senior Author: Andrea Hankins is our senior staff member and she generates content ideas related to best stuff available Online and also Windows how to guides are her forte.

Junior Author: Andrew Williams is a junior staff member and he is writing content under the guidance of Riya and Andrea but he has quite good knowledge regarding technology.

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