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The undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in an accredited university all of the World in the Fall 2016 in Technology or IT field are eligible for this scholarship program, other students can also apply though. We will thoroughly review each and every applicant and will judge them on the basis of their content and quality of essay they submit.


  • You should be a current undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in the field of IT in an accredited University in the Fall 2016. You must have a minimum GPA of 2.8 or more when applying.
  • You can also apply for the scholarship if you don't fulfill the above criteria because of some long term disability or some other genuine reason. In that case you need to contact us on this email: and don't forget to attach proof that can justify your problem.

Application Deadline is November 18, 2016

What will be Awarded?

  • 1st Prize= $1200.
  • 2nd Prize= $1000.

How to Apply

Write an essay of 1k words and send us on and also include the below given data at the end of the essay document.

You name:



State / Province / Region:

Zip Code:


The college/university you are attending:

Note:​ Please note that we'd not accept any document that will skips the above given data.

Some useful links​:

Information and reviews about Massage equipment:​


Please write an essay of 1000 words or more on one of the following topics/questions.

  • ​What do you think how technology, negatively or positively effecting our everyday's lives? Is it good or bad for us? should we allow Technology to manipulate our lives?
  • Pick the invention that positively impacts the world and quote your reason for choosing that invention and how essential it is?
  • Explain how design and natural environment are interlinked with each other. Also tell how the artists draw out from the nature and craft out a wonderful and scenic view in the form of art in the living spaces?
  • Elaborate the relationship between natural environment and design and tell how the designers draw from the nature for creating an adorable and realistic art in living spaces?

Former Winners

1st Prize Winner (2015)

2nd Prize Winner (2015)

Gary Sims

Jamie J. Wycoff

Important: Winner announcement date for the year 2016 is 20th December.

Note: Our scholarship doesn't ask for any sensitive data and fulfills criteria of a genuine scholarship program. You can read FTC guidelines on scholarship scams for self satisfaction before applying to this scholarship.

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